Executive Chef / Owner

Cody native Nathan Kardos graduated from Cody High School and moved to Colorado to attend the Culinary School of the Rockies (now the Boulder Campus of the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts) where he received his diploma in 2008.

Nathan went to work at various restaurants in Denver including Panzano, the city's top Italian restaurant, where he trained under Elise Wiggens as a sous chef. Moving back to Cody in 2013, Nathan worked as a personal chef for a prominent local family.

During the winter of 2017 – 2018, Nathan was hired as a consultant to reconstruct the menu and revamp the overall concept of Carolina Coffee Shop in Chapel Hill, North Carolina's oldest continuously running restaurant.

Nathan has opened Trailhead Bar Grill Wood Fired Pizza in Cody, Wyoming after two years of planning. He has succeeded in achieving his goals of opening a restaurant that caters to the local market with an upscale / casual feel and is family-friendly. Keeping it western but contemporary, Trailhead serves high quality and recognizable cuisine that supports local farmers and ranchers with sustainable practices who supply high quality, accessible ingredients.

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General Manager

Jerome Schumacher was born in Sioux Falls, South Dakota in 1988 and is one of five brothers and sisters. His family moved to to Mankato, Minnesota and then to Cody, WY in 1996. Living in Cody for the majority of his life has rooted him firmly in the community. Most of his family, including his mother, still live in Cody. His late father was a big part of the Cody community, working with several banks in town and for the Catholic Church in his later years.

His father and mother both came from larger families and Jerome has followed tradition with three children and one expected in June of 2019. Jerome’s children are the center of his life and he enjoys being able to work in a family-friendly oriented restaurant.

Jerome graduated from Cody High School in 2006 and, like many kids that age, worked in the food and service industry. In 2007 he moved to Winter Park, Colorado to work as a Ski Lift Crew Leader and then returned to Cody in 2009 for the birth of his first son. Upon moving back Jerome was the Maintenance Supervisor at Cody's largest hotel / restaurant properties. Jerome honed his people skills bar tending at Cody's golf course country club and a prominent restaurant before taking his position as General Manager for the Trailhead.

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